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Traditional Yucatecan Dishes

It’s no secret . . . the food in Mexico is incredible! But if you haven’t been to Mexico before, you might not know that each of the 32 states have very different cuisines. And it’s a huge part of the culture that the people of each region identify with. At Life in Mérida, we absolutely love trying new food! For us, it’s an extremely important part of moving to a new place. Learning about the deep connection that people have with dishes that have been passed down through generations will bring you closer to the community. So we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite, traditional Yucatecan dishes in Mérida plus where you can try them.

A quick note, this article excludes favorites that hail from other parts of the country. Sorry chilaquiles, flan, ceviche and burritos!! But let’s focus on the best of Yucatan . . .

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