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Welcome to Mérida, the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán, which has a rich Mayan and colonial heritage to explore on this website.

The city of Merida itself was founded by Francisco de Montejo y León in 1542 on top of an ancient Maya city called T'ho, whose stonework was repurposed by the Spaniards as foundations to erect lofty Catholic churches and colonial mansions.

The city’s focal point is Plaza de la Independencia, bordered by the fortress-like Mérida Cathedral and white limestone Iglesia de la Tercera Orden, both colonial-era churches built using relics from ancient Mayan temples. The Casa de Montejo, a 16th-century mansion, is a landmark of colonial plateresque architecture.'s me Pablo


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Mérida lies near the northwestern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, about 192 miles (302 km)

west of Cancun, and is within a 25-minute  

drive to the beaches of Progresso, located

on  the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, Mérida is a thriving city of over

1 million people. It is the cultural and financial capital of the Yucatán Peninsula and often hosts international events. Approximately

60 percent of Mérida’s population is of Maya heritage.


The city also has many residents of Spanish, French and British ethnicity, making it one

of the most ethnically diverse large cities in

all of Mexico.

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