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History of Mexico: The Conquest of Mexico.
The process of the Spanish conquest of Mexico took place from 1519 to 1521 and was headed by Captain Hernán Cortés.

The Mayan civilization was built around agriculture a major challenge in a tropical climate. To help, they developed a sophisticated system to accurately track

the seasons.

This video is was published approximately eight ago but it gives the viewer an accurate

sense of the vitality found throughout the city of Merida.

An excellent video that takes you through most of the streets in "Centro" Merida.

This video is part of The Alignment Within and explais how The Mayan Calendar Works. If you've ever wondered how The Mayan Calendar Works, this is the film to watch 

The Mayan understood the chemical make up of blood protein urine properties to include the tears when mixed with other properties from the earth could be utilized to construct extremely strong structural building materials.

Informative and compelling. Working from the perspective of the mass of people witnessing and responding to the collapse of the world around them is inspired

Introduction to a feature documentary on the history of the Maya decipherment. This is one of 8 scenes available on YouTube from the 2-hour documentary film Breaking the Maya Code, the winner of 5 Best Picture awards at International film festivals.

Genres: Documentary

Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes

Availability: Worldwid

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